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Hybrid Angiography Imaging

With angiography imaging in your Hybrid OR, you can perform 3D imaging, be confident in your catheter guidance and needle placement, and much more.

We’ve worked with Siemens to integrate our TS7500 OR Table with the Siemens ARTIS pheno® and ARTIS zee ceiling angio solutions to support this advanced imaging—in the wide variety of patient positions you need. 

Together, we offer:

  • Flexible Isocenter for 3D volume imaging and imaging in complex procedures
  • Synchronized movements between the surgical operating table and angiography system for full flexibility in patient positioning—without compromising the imaging workflow
  • Head-to-toe intraoperative 3D imaging during cardio/vascular and neuro/spine surgery with the Carbon FloatLine™ and SQ14 X-TRA tabletops
  • Reduced radiation exposure1
TS7500 OR Table integrated with Siemens solutions


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