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Golvo® Lift In-Service Tools

Golvo 9000 Mobile Patient Lift


Instructions to Access Module via HealthStream

This document provides instruction on how to access continuing education courses for the Golvo® Lift.

HealthStream Customer Education Access (2020)



Golvo® Lift In-Service Video

Learn how to operate the essential features of the Golvo® Lift to help deliver elevated care. Refer to the User Manual or eLearning module for complete instructions prior to use.

Golvo Lift In-Service Video



Golvo® Lift Skills Checklist

This document is a checklist of actions that help users get started with the Golvo® Lift and lists key features to be reviewed at the time of in-service training.

Golvo Lift Skills Checklist



Golvo® Lift User Guide

This document provides a general product overview and usage guidance for the Golvo® Lift.

Golvo Lift User Guide



Golvo® Lift Quick Tips Poster

This document is a visual aid to help understand key features of the Golvo® Lift.

Golvo Lift Quick Tips Poster