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Connected Care From the Comfort of Home [eBook]

In an evolving healthcare landscape, more patients are skipping critical checkups. This makes it more difficult for care teams to effectively manage, monitor and treat chronic conditions. To give patients a safe and comfortable experience while reconciling internal requirements, health systems are continuously challenged to:

  • Manage costs associated with receiving and moving patients through the system
  • Manage the amount of time a patient is in the hospital
  • Increase discharges and reduce readmissions
  • Manage and support chronic conditions at home rather than addressing acute events in the hospital

Moving care from facilities to home is more important than ever. Today, innovative home care solutions empower patients to take control of their health remotely while connecting care teams to critical data.  


Are you ready to shift care closer to home with more effective, more connected care?  

With smart collaborations, care can happen anywhere. Download our eBook to discover how the latest advancements in home care solutions benefit patient lives where it matters the most — at home.