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Adopt Key Strategies to Enhance the Future of Surgery [eBook]

Female surgeon in operating room

Today, clinical and operational teams face new challenges and stresses as they’re asked to do more with less. Heightened safety protocols, increasing complexity and managing costs have put pressure on surgical teams across procedural settings.  

Yet, innovation remains imperative, as new surgical technologies and techniques create exciting treatment possibilities. Across specialties, the future of surgery will involve more technology, more data and more integrated environments. Tools that once seemed futuristic — artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), advanced imaging and robotics — have become standards in delivering surgical care.   

In such dynamic times, clinicians must stay focused on enhancing clinical outcomes — for every patient, in every setting. That means streamlining workflows and seamlessly integrating technology and equipment. Because that’s how your hospital executes its unique vision and provides more people with the care they need. 

Is your hospital ready for the future of surgery? 

Download our eBook to uncover four strategies that can help enhance outcomes and efficiency across care environments to deliver advanced surgical and procedural care.   

What you’ll learn: 

  • Elements of a flexible foundation  

  • Ways to optimize ASCs and outpatient environments  

  • How to innovate in robotic and hybrid ORs  

  • Importance of advanced and practical features to enhance safety 

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