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Estimating the Cost of Serious Injurious Falls in a Canadian Acute Care Hospital

Zecevic AA, et al. | Canadian Journal on Aging | 2012

A clinician takes a patient's blood pressure while the patient rests in a hospital bed.


Falls represent 40 percent of hospital accidents, and consequences range from none to serious injuries. The purpose of this study was to estimate the average hospital cost and length of stay (LOS) associated with serious injurious falls in an acute care hospital. We used data from risk management and case costing databases to identify cost associated with a serious injury after an in-hospital fall. Thirty-seven injured patients were matched with 2,113 controls by the most responsible medical diagnosis, age, and gender. Cost and LOS were compared using t-tests and multivariate regression.


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Care Settings: Acute Care

Clinical Focus: Fall Prevention

Content Type: Journal Articles